A Little Bit About Health Education for Our Youth!

Healthy Futures was founded under the mission and principles to bring medically accurate, safe and inclusive sexual health education to our communities’ youth and their families. We want to see all youth make positive, informed decisions about their own sexual health. Because of this, we’re constantly striving to not only reach more youth and their families, but to also search for trainings on sexual health topics, and beyond, to better serve our community.

We enjoy working in numerous settings – from during school time with some of our partner school districts and academies, after-school at one of our many parter community agencies, to daytime activities during the Summer months and on weekends. The Health Education team wants to meet our partners, and the youth they serve, where they’re at and works to be flexible with their needs. All of our programs offered to youth under the age of 18 require a parental/guardian consent formed signed and returned to HFTX staff. Our team works to be transparent with what we’re offering to our partners and what youth will be receiving through our various programs and curriculum. Please feel free to always give us a call should you ever have questions about a curriculum or program – we love to help!

Check out the areas below to learn more about where we’ve served, what we’re trained in, and what we’d love to help train you in!

Who Have We Been Lucky Enough to Work With…

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