fttcoverafricanamerican-cd0e9e8dParents can be a great resource for their children when it comes to issues such as sexuality, but many parents find it challenging to talk to their kids about this important topic.

Healthy Futures recognizes that parents play a HUGE role in their children’s lives, including keeping them safe and healthy.

We offer parent workshops to help parents and caregivers talk effectively with their children.  Parents learn about current trends, age-appropriate topics, advice for handling tough questions, and helpful communication tips.  Workshops include time for discussion and opportunities to practice talking in different scenarios.

big-decisions-logoFor parents and caregivers with children ages 10-14, we offer an evidence-based curriculum called Families Talking Together (FTT).  Through interactive parent sessions, participants gain a better understanding of teen development, the importance of supervision, tips for improved communication, overcoming parent barriers to talking, and how to build stronger relationships with their children.  This program has been effective in delaying sexual initiation (age at which youth have their first sexual experience) and also preventing risky sexual behavior among middle-school aged, inner-city youth.

For parents and caregivers with children in high school, we offer an evidence-informed program called Big Decisions for Parents: Key Conversations.  In this program, participants get advice on how to communicate, ideas for what to talk about, and learn about 6 important things that parents can do to help their child(ren) avoid an unplanned pregnancy.  Sessions are interactive with group discussion and short writing activities.

Healthy Futures strives to empower parents to be the primary educators concerning relationship education, sexuality, high-risk behaviors, and setting personal limits.  Our parent programs are designed to reinforce and reflect messages that parents want their children to hear.  We are all about building stronger families in San Antonio and helping youth and parents thrive!

We offer parent sessions in school settings and community settings.  For more information, please contact our office.