Big Decisions

Big Decisions is an abstinence-plus sex education curriculum authored by Dr. Janet Realini. This curriculum is used in more than 20 Texas school districts and contains 10 easy-to-use lessons. It also offers a companion program for parents called Key Conversations.

Big Decisions Evaluation Project

The OAH Tier 2B Big Decisions Study is a 5-year grant awarded by the Office of Adolescent Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Tier 2B Grant No. TP2AH000044-01-00) in several Texas rural border school districts: Eagle Pass Independent School District, San Felipe del Rio Consolidated Independent School District, and Carizzo Springs Independent School District.

Parent Education

Parents can be a great resource for their children when it comes to issues such as sexuality, but many parents find it challenging to talk to their kids about this important topic. We offer parent programs to prepare parents for this complex conversation.


Healthy Futures and three of San Antonio’s Alamo Community Colleges have teamed up for the BAE-B-SAFE program to prevent unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection transmission among college-aged teens on and off campus.

Youth Education

We are proud to offer a broad menu of curricula to schools and community organizations who work directly with young people. Our trained educators implement evidence-based and evidence-informed programs to a variety of ages of young people.