Healthy Futures of Texas and three of San Antonio’s Alamo Community Colleges have teamed up for the BAE-B-SAFE program to prevent unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections to college-aged teens on and off campus. Students are provided medically accurate information about their sexual and reproductive health and are connected to Healthcare Providers in their surrounding community. BAE-B-SAFE is committed to preparing and connecting these college-aged teens with the resources they need to be empowered about their sexual and reproductive health.

Seventeen Days is a theory-based interactive DVD (and soon to be an app) designed to educate young women ages 14-19 about contraception and STIs. The program presents the viewer with different scenarios involving decisions that young women face in relationships. Participants can practice what they would do in similar situations through the frequent use of “cognitive rehearsal”.

Healthy Futures of Texas has customized an intervention integrating components of evidence-based and evidence-informed curricula for participants identifying as male. Sexual Health and Adolescent Risk Prevention (SHARP), Big Decisions, and Gender Matters are used to deliver a one-time session covering HIV and STI prevention, healthy and unhealthy relationships, basic anatomy, and methods of contraception.

Please contact Ginger Mullaney, BAE-B-SAFE Program Director, with any questions at 210-223-4589.