Reaching Middle School Students in San Antonio and Edgewood ISDs

Since September of 2013, Healthy Futures of Texas has been providing effective teen pregnancy prevention programs in all 23 middle schools and Academies of San Antonio and Edgewood Independent School Districts. Our Health Educators and interns facilitate programs that engage the students, empowering them to make healthy decisions about relationships and sex.

The funding for this project comes through a contract with the City of San Antonio Metro Health, and we work closely with our collaborative partners, Project WORTH and the Bexar County Health Collaborative.

Through this and other projects, Healthy Futures has reached more than 4,000 youth in 2015!

Haven for Hope

Haven for Hope is a facility that promotes hope and new beginnings for the people in Bexar County facing homelessness. At Haven for Hope we provide classes for teens using the evidence-based curricula, Making Proud Choices. We facilitate topics that cover goals and dreams, pregnancy, STDs, HIV, and condom use. During classes teens role-play and interact with each other to enhance their refusal and negotiation skills in risky situations. Throughout the year we also hold office hours at Haven for Hope to build and cultivate the connection we have with the teens. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for the teens to hangout and talk about what’s on their mind. We form a bond with the teens at Haven for Hope and we want to help give them the tools they need to make healthy and responsible choices in their lives.

SA Youth Build

SA Youth Build is a program that offers the opportunity to complete their education by earning a high school diploma or GED. This program is provided to young adults, ages 16 to 24, who have previously dropped out of school. Students receive workforce training, high school credit recovery, leadership development, career readiness, and they also participate in community service activities.

Healthy Futures of Texas is proud to be partnering with SA Youth Build to offer BIG DECISIONS with a group of approximately 25 teens and young adults. BIG DECISIONS is a 10-lesson sexual health curriculum that empowers young people to make healthy, responsible choices, the importance of health relationships, and strategies to prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

TOP® at Walzem YMCA

At the Walzem YMCA we facilitate a Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) Club that includes youth aged 14-17 years. The creators of TOP®, Wyman, created a program that enables youth to become self-confident, compassionate and accountable; lead, plan, problem solve and communicate; and be successful in school and in life. In our TOP® Club we discuss pressure situations, goal-setting strategies, sexual health, communication skills and so much more.  By incorporating all of these essential components, Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) has proven to reduce teen pregnancy rates, course failure, and academic suspension by enhancing these protective factors.

TOP is delivered over 9 months (a full school year) to middle and high school aged students who voluntarily enroll in the program during school or in an after-school, community-based setting. The program combines supervised volunteer community service learning activities and weekly 1 hour classroom sessions.

The classroom sessions are led by trained facilitators (e.g., teachers, guidance personnel, health educators) who use the TOP® curriculum, Changing Scenes. These sessions include two types of group discussions and experiential activities: those that focus on the teens’ service experiences (e.g., developing self-confidence, social skills, assertiveness, and self-discipline) and those that cover a range of issues faced by the students (e.g., managing family relationships, meeting new academic and employment challenges, handling close friendships and romantic relationships).

We believe that this program is making a difference in the lives of the young people we work with. We watch as the teens help and motivate each other to be the best they can be – not only in our class, but in life. The bonds and friendships that the youth have made in their TOP® Club have carried over to when they interact in and out of school as well.