Elysia Petru Hulings

Development Director, Ethics & Global Leadership

Board Member

Originally from San Antonio, Mrs. Petru Hulings graduated from Clark High School and received a B.A. in Fine Arts from The University of Texas at San Antonio, which included an internship in art restoration in Florence, Italy. Mrs. Petru Hulings’ non-profit experience began in high school when she volunteered at University Hospital in the NICU.  She later served as the Executive Director of the Texas Burn Survivor Society before moving to Washington D.C. where she spent four years as a political fundraiser for the New Dem Coalition PAC and several non-profit think tanks.  Mrs. Petru Hulings and her husband returned to Texas and spent 2 years on the border in Del Rio, where she served as the Marketing Director and Sponsorship Coordinator for Laughlin AFB.  In the evenings, she taught dance and Border Ballet, where they would put began her own ballet company, on community productions.  Now back in San Antonio, Mrs. Petru Hulings is the Development Director for the School for Ethics and Global Leadership, a semester school program based in Washington, D.C.  She is currently completing her Masters in Public Administration and continues to teach ballet.